Clients throughout the globe have come to find that Gellner Industrial is truly a world leader in the manufacturing of water-based acrylic polymers, delivering products that are unique, innovative, and unmatched. It is these qualities that set our products apart.

However, it’s more than just that—our products are indeed unique, but so is our company. We possess a rare history that is rooted in both scientific ingenuity and family tradition, bringing a culture of advancement and caring to our products and our customers.acrylic polymers

Our doors officially opened in March 1980, but our history dates back to 1966, when our founder, Otto Gellner, a renowned expert in the chemical field, gave a speech on chemical resins. The owners of ZINSSER were so impressed by Gellner, that they offered him a job, after which Gellner created the ZINCHEM division of ZINSSER, establishing himself as a true leader in the manufacturing of water based acrylic polymers while expanding the company’s business significantly.

Over the years, Otto Gellner lead the way in innovations in the field, while having the foresight to recognize that water was truly the future of the resin industry. He officially opened his own company, Gellner Industrial, in 1980, in Gillette, NJ—realizing a career-long dream.

In 1987, Otto’s son Robert, a graduate of the University of Maryland who had worked for the company on and off during college, officially joined the team, developing formulas in the lab while overseeing the scale-up of products and continuing to help the company grow. The father and son then built a state-of-the-art polymer plant March of 2000 in Hometown, PA, which today produces industry-leading water based acrylic polymers and resins for worldwide companies that manufacture industrial coatings and household paints, as well as for the graphic arts industry.

This history of growth and innovation—along with a focus on the needs and technology of the future—makes Gellner Industrial unrivaled in the manufacturing of these superior products, as well as in exceptional research and development, pioneered by the world’s leading chemists.

Our line of specialty resins is formulated with a precise blend of water-based polymers, offering uncompromised benefits and quality, and is relied on by countless clients in various industries and applications, including numerous inks.

Our exceptional acrylic polymers are unique, offering many advantages for high-performance coatings and inks. They continue to serve the needs of the most demanding applications.

The quality of our products is matched equally by the service and responsiveness of our entire staff, always dedicated to exceeding expectations. And our large facilities offer the capacity to keep our full inventory available, ensuring prompt delivery of whatever you might need.