Advantages To Using Water Based Acrylic Polymers

There are many benefits to using high-performance resins and chemicals developed with water-based acrylic industrial polymers. Some primary benefits include that they are easy to work with, good for the environment and showcase a large variety of industrial applications including industrial coatings, printing inks, and high-gloss varnishes. Other Types of Acrylic Polymers However, you may [...]

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VOCs: Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are organic chemicals that easily turn to vapor at ordinary room temperature due to their high vapor pressure. These chemicals have a low boiling point, which causes a large number of molecules to sublimate or evaporate from their solid or liquid form and begin to enter the surrounding air, a [...]

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Focusing On What Matters Most – Customers – Leads To Business Growth And Expansion

They say what you focus on expands. During the past quarter of a century – and especially in the last year or so – we’ve been living proof of this concept here at Gellner Industrial. While times change and businesses and industries evolve, at Gellner, we’ve always been focused on providing the highest quality water-based [...]

Prevent Tannin Stains with Eco-Friendly Emulsion

Have you ever finished a wood project and been disappointed when the finish has been marred by mysteriously appearing dark spots? These spots are caused by naturally occurring tannin, an astringent, plant polyphenolic compound that is a binder for proteins in trees. It is a common problem when working with many wood species and can [...]

Benefits of Water-Based Acrylic Industrial Polymers

High performance resins and chemicals developed with water-based acrylic industrial polymers offer many improvements over solvent based products. Water-based acrylic industrial polymers are environmentally friendly and easy to work with. Used to produce premium-quality acrylic resins and chemicals, our polymers are widely used in many industrial applications including industrial coatings, printing inks, and high-gloss varnishes. [...]

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Choosing the Right Ink for the Flexo Printing Applications and the Environment

Industries must consider their impact on the environment in all aspects of their process. For 45 years the EPA has been successfully working toward creating a cleaner and healthier environment. In response, to new regulations and guidelines, industries have been choosing products that meet the requirements of their operation while also being safer for the [...]

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Here Are Our Predictions For 2016 For The Paints And Coatings Manufacturing Industry And Other Related Industries…

It’s January, and it’s the time of year when everyone seems to be looking forward to all of the possibilities a new year can bring. Predictions abound in just about every industry, and they seem to cover a lot of different types of topics. At Gellner Industrial, we believe predictions signal hope for the future, and for [...]

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