Getting Acquainted with Acrylic Paints

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In 1934 the first usable acrylic resin dispersion was created by the German chemical company BASF, patented by Rohm and Haas. By the 1940s the first synthetic paint was used, combining some of the properties of oil and watercolor paints to create one of the first water based acrylic polymers. Sometime between 1946 and 1949, [...]

Top 5 Benefits of our Acrylic Polymers

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Gellner Industrial’s acrylic polymers provide many capabilities. They are flexible enough to be used as inks for your vinyl substrates. They can also be used as wall and floor coatings (which differ in many ways). But just what is it that makes these acrylic polymers for vinyl so valuable? What exactly do they provide to [...]

What is a Polymer Coating?

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Depending on what you know about coatings, you may have heard the term “polymer” before. You might be familiar with the term from class in school. However, even if you did get A’s in chemistry class, you might be curious as to our specific type of polymer coatings, and what they can do to benefit [...]

What makes our polymers for screen printing inks so special?

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There are many products in our daily lives that each requires a specific chemical make-up in order to function properly. Take printing inks for example. Here at Gellner Industrial, we are proud to offer versatile polymers for screen printing inks with unique capabilities. And each ability is a direct result of their chemical make-up. Here are [...]

Polymer Product Presentation: OTTOPOL SF-45 for Furniture coating

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If you are looking through the polymer coatings to find the right substance that brings you the best results for furniture, then the OTTOPOL SF-45 is what you need. Say goodbye to worrying over beer, wine, milk, detergent, and even black tea spills. Once it is dried at room temperature, you and your family can [...]

Polymer Product Presentation: OTTOPOL K-12

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Here at Gellner Industrial, we are proud to take a moment to focus on the capabilities of our individual products. It might be easy to glide through our catalog of polymers and miss the capabilities of a few special polymer products. That is why we are here to today to talk about the capabilities of [...]

Polymer Product Presentation: Water Based Industrial Polymers for Optimum Resistance

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Resistance is a key attribute for most practical polymers. But underwater environments obviously bring a different kind of challenge to resistance. That is why many of our water based industrial polymers are especially made with resistance in mind. As part of a special showcase, we would like to give you a special look into the [...]

Polymer Product Presentation: Adhesive Power of our Solution Polymers

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Our line of Cationic Acrylic Polymers offer a many benefits for coating. One of these wonderful benefits is their level of adhesion. Surface adhesion is a special focus of some of our cationic acrylic polymers. These 8 polymer options are split equally into two categories. These categories are solution polymers and emulsion polymers. As a [...]

OTTOPOL K12 Reverse the Rusting Process

By | August 26th, 2016|Acrylic paint|

Here at Gellner we are continually developing unique products to solve specific problems. Rust is one such problem that, even when treated, can still cause additional corrosion. Rust is naturally occurring and metals must be treated to prevent it from causing serious problems. With OTTOPOL K-12 we have developed a solution to stop rust and [...]

Developing Ionic Solutions for Concrete Sealers

By | July 28th, 2016|Concrete Coating|

Concrete sealers are a process that is often not completed but is very important for protecting concrete from staining, wear, and damage. There are many options currently available on the market today although not all of them offer the same level of protections. Manufacturers of concrete sealing products are developing a better option when using [...]