Premier Acrylic Polymer Manufacturer

Gellner Industrial, LLC is the premier manufacturer of water based acrylic polymers, bringing over a quarter century of industry experience to our client base. Our vast product knowledge and specialized manufacturing processes ensure complete product conformance and quality assurance. A market-driven company, Gellner Industrial is committed to identifying and satisfying the unique and ever-changing needs of our customers.


New Product Offered by Gellner Industrial for Coating Furniture

Ottopol SF-45

Unique Acrylic Polymer that Results in a High Density Cross Linked Polymer.
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Product Offered by Gellner Industrial for Rust Converting Primer


Cationic Acrylic Emulsion for Formulating Rust Converting Primer.
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Polymer Used for Printing Inks with High Gloss and Superior Adhesion


Self Cross-Linking Acrylic Emulsion with Good Gloss for Flexo and Gravure Printing
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